Akıncı 2
General Info
Status Active
Role Mounted Archer
Size Large
Affiliation Turkiye Stratocracy

Triparte Alliance

Base of Operations Turkiye Stratocracy
Known Commanders Buyuk

Sehir Halil
Zehir Zaganos
Tughril Mahmut
Mimar Zeki
Kurt Kurt
Sanslar Nurzan
Atnal Cemil
Deve İlkay

Manga Fasul 02 - The Poison General

Akıncı used by the Stratocracy nations (Turkiye) serving as mobile mounted archers.


Unlike the Sipahi cavalry, Akıncı uses very light materials such as armor (Mail), robe (outer) and cone-shaped helmet for protection. They carry composite bows and shield's to their back.

Their horses are also lightly-protected.

Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Akıncı's are light cavalry may not be useful in situations where hand to hand combat is required but they are proven to be an excellent archers on the move. Their primary weapon is the Turkish composite bow, this type of bow has the capabilities to penetrate a shield and even a plat armor at point blank range.



Akıncı means ''raider'' in Turkish

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