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Al-Kaplan Balaban
Al-Kaplan Balaban2
Romanji Aru kapuran baraban
Alias The Red Tiger
Vital statistics
Date of Birth 13 August
Age 34
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 186cm (6′1″)
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Wine Red
Personal status
Status Deceased
Relatives Yildirim Usman (Father)

Ulema Beyazit (younger brother) Nilufer Fatma (younger sister) Armut Ayse (niece) Kemal (nephew)

Professional status
Affiliation Mizrak Stratocracy
Occupation Sultan of Mizrak Stratocracy (3rd generation)
Base of Operations Mizrak Stratocracy
First appearance
Manga Shoukoku no Altair: Chapter 21
Voice Actor Kazuya Nakai

  Al-Kaplan Balaban (The red tiger) is the 3rd generation sultan of Mizrak Stratocracy.


Balaban is a man with a tall build. He has short, wavy red hair that's slicked back and floats behind his head. Befitting his brash personality, he has sharp, distinctive facial features. Balaban has crooked, large eyebrows and slanted eyes with rough edges.

His choice of clothing consists of a long one-piece black kaftan with golden circular linings, completed with a long, red mantle. Even in the middle of the war, he didn't change his costume.


He's been noted as a prideful man, to the point of arrogance. Once he had decided something, it's best not to oppose it as it will wound his pride and makes him angry. Even so, it's also shown that despite his problems with excessive pride and anger management, he has a massive charisma and a tough exterior to make up for them. It is also worth mentioning that he appears to be quite intelligent, as he was a good military general. Balaban also appears to be vain, as he believes that it is very important that those who follow and defend him must be beautiful.

Deep down, he's afraid of being left alone, which is what caused him a great deal of pain and disappointment when Beyazit allied with Turkiye. This is shown at the time of his death, when he questions why Beyazit, who said he loved him more than anyone, caused him the wounds which evidently lead to Balaban's death,


It's stated by Ismail that he's a good military general, much better than Ismail's own father, Sultan Uzun, in addition to his capability to lead his own elite corps, the Yeniçeri, in battle. Even Ismail went as far to say that without Beyazit's Şark Yay their troops won't have a chance against him. Later in the short chapter, it's shown that he actually has a really sharp mind befitting of a ruler, if not for his egoistic and ruthless personality traits: he managed to gouge the corrupt Minister Bilge's true nature by commanding him to spend national budget on slave boys and malachite stones for the palace's decoration.


Twelve years ago, both he and Beyazit lost their father at the war. Since then, he vowed to himself that he will become strong and make Mizrak into an independent country that can make its own decision without depending on Turkiye, so that they won't be forced going into a war that they never wanted in the first place.


  • Balaban is a Turkic surname word meaning "Robust", or "hawk" in Ukrainian word.
  • The sword that Balaban uses in battle is similar to Kris, Kalis or weapons held in the Topkapi palace.[1]


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