Al-Kaplan Balaban
Baraban char.jpg
Romanji Aru kapuran baraban
Alias The Red Tiger
Vital statistics
Date of Birth 13 August
Age 34
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 186cm (6′1″)
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Wine Red
Personal status
Status Deceased
Relatives Yildirim Usman (Father)

Ulema Beyazit (younger brother) Nilufer Fatma (younger sister) Armut Ayse (niece) Prens Kemal (nephew)

Professional status
Affiliation Mizrak Stratocracy
Occupation Sultan of Mizrak Stratocracy (3rd generation)
Base of Operations Mizrak Stratocracy
First appearance
Anime Episode 9 - The Red Tiger Sultan
Voice Actor Kazuya Nakai


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