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Amadeo Boccanegra
Amadeo Color.jpg
Romanji Amadeo Bokkanegura
Alias Son of Triton
Vital statistics
Date of Birth January 27th
Age 17
Birthplace L'isolani
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 159cm (5'2")
Eye Color Light Blue
Hair Color Light Blue
Personal status
Status Deceased
Relatives Roni Boccanegra (Uncle, deceased)

Gino Boccanegra (Uncle, deceased)

Professional status
Affiliation The Oro
Occupation Captain
Base of Operations L'isolani
First appearance
Manga Fasul 47: The Island City

Amadeo Boccanegra was the Captain of the Oro crew and Venedik's enemy. He was known as "Son of Triton" for his flawless ability to sail and predict the sea's movements.


Amadeo was a short male with sharp facial features, having pointy ears and a sharp chin. His teeth were sharp, almost shark-like and he usually showed them off with a big, confident grin. He had blue locks cut short and framing in his face, narrow blue eyes and thin eyebrows.

His attire consisted of a tight-fitting, red and blue striped, shirt with long, loose-fitting sleeves and tight-fitting, blue pants. He akso wore a a white west bearing a red cross on the left side and a blue scarf. Amadeo also sported simple, pointy boots and towards the end he has bandages wrapped around his head, due to an injury he had received during a battle with a soldier from Venedik.



Since the beginning, Amadeo as depicted as a conceited and highly confident individual. He believed himself and Li'solania to be superior to others and as a result of this had quite the narrow world-view. Most likely caused by pride and flattery as a result of his outstanding abilities, Amadeo behaved arrogantly towards others and especially towards those he was aware weren't allies of Li'solani.


Since Amadeo was very young, he had been praised and called the Son of Triton, as he was able to visualise things others couldn't[1].


Amadeo was shown to be capable of predictig the sea's movements. He was also courageous and unafraid of battle, often throwing himself right in. Even after having been blinded in battle, he showed an extraordinary good understanding for the sea and wind movements[2].

Major Battles

The Battle at the Centro Sea


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