Antonio Lucio
Alias Doge

Fox of Centro

Vital statistics
Date of Birth July 28th
Age 37 years old
39 years old (chapter 100)
Birthplace City State of Venedik
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 180cm (5′10″)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Personal status
Status Active
Professional status
Affiliation City State of Venedik

Triparte Alliance

Occupation Doge
Base of Operations City State of Venedik
First appearance
Manga Shoukoku no Altair: chapter 17 - City of the sea
Voice Actor Daisuke Ono

Antonio Lucio is the current doge, the one with highest authority in the city state of Venedik.

Appearance Edit

Antonio has a pretty face and youthful appearance, an unusual trait for someone of his station and age. He has shoulder-length wavy blonde hair, a shade lighter than Mahmut's. His good looks further accentuated by his habit of putting up a cheerful—albeit a bit mischievous—smile on his face. He's almost always seen with his complete doge attire, which consists of an ermine cape, a corno ducale (a kind of ducal hat), and a long, dark coloured loose dress akin to a frock (medieval priest's attire) with golden linings on the torso and neckline. When he's not wearing this attire, he uses the standard Medieval Italy's style of clothing, which consists of hose (Medieval Age's stockings), loose undergarment, and a hat.

Personality Edit

Despite his constant smiling and mischievous nature, Antonio is a highly rational individual, valuing his country's welfare above anything else including his personal feelings. This drove him to abandon Venedik's long time ally, the city state of Phoenicia when it waged a war against Baltrhein in consideration of Venedik's enormous trading interest with the growing empire, that caused his close friend's demise. In spite of this, it's pretty clear that this event dealt quite a deep psychological blow to him, shown by eyebags under his eyes a few days after Phoenicia's fall and Brega's worried glance towards him. Even an outsider like Mahmut could tell that he's suffering internally because of this decision.

Despite his seemingly ruthless persona, he managed to earn his men's respect and complete devotion, while in turn he gives his full trust and support to them.

Abilities Edit

As the leader of a small country with trade as its lifeline, Antonio has shown a great deal of ingenuity when dealing with any problems, successfully shaping up Venedik into one of Centro's powerhouses. By using information gathered from Venedik's merchants that traveled all around the world, he carefully manages Venedik's policies from behind the palace walls. He's also an excellent negotiator in treaties, managing to convince the Turko-phobic Cuore to let Turkiye take custody of Chielo.

History Edit

It's stated that he's a close friend of Phoenicia's magistros, Konstantinos. Later in chapter 94 it's shown that they have been close friends since before Lucio became a doge.

Plot Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He's unbelievably young for his station, as in real life doge is a post reserved for the one with vast experiences, which means that most of the holder of the title is an old man when they became a doge.
  • His birthday is July 28th.
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