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Romanji Aporodorosu
Alias Fat Pig (by Zenon)
Vital statistics
Date of Birth July 10th
Age 42
Birthplace Phoenicia
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Grey
Personal status
Status Deceased
Relatives Cyrus gios Apollodorus (son)
Professional status
Nationality Phoenician
Affiliation Phoenicia
Occupation Phoenicia's caeasar
Base of Operations Phoenicia
First appearance
Manga 12 Fasıl: The City by the Lighthouse
Anime Episode 5: The City of the Lighthouse
Voice Actor Atsuki Tani

Apollodorus (アポロドロス, Aporodorosu) was the caesar of Phoenicia and Cyrus' father. While he was a good tradesman, he was particularly known for his corrupted methods and flattery. Apollodorus died a noble death through appealing to the senators and giving his assets to the empire.


Apollodorus looks old for a 42 years old man. He's short and has put on quite some weight. His hair has greyed and only some remains on the sides of his head, the rest has grown hairless. His oval-shaped face is wrinkled and full and he has quite the thick neck. Apollodorus' has narrow, grey eyes and thin eyebrows. He wears a black, long-sleeved cloak with a high collar.


Apollodorus was what some would call weak-willed and a coward as he so easily bended to the requests of the empire. Apollodorus was a realist, not blindly holding onto the dream of a Phoenicia which was once a strong empire, rather he recognised that Phonicia at the point of time was far too weak to go to war with the mighty empire. He valued life above pride. As a tradesman, Apollodorus lied to anyone to achieve the results that he wanted and he used bribes and flattery against both superiors and inferiors. Despite coming off as a coward in the beginning, Apollodorus repeatedly showed and voiced that the war at their hands was not just and is a mistake, believing it would've been far better to just surrender from the beginning. He cared deeply for his citizens and Phoenicia and is more than ready to take on the responsibility of its fall if it means that they will be safe from destruction.


Apollodorus was a very skilled tradesman, even the biggest one in all of Phoenicia and he was very respected for it. He was good with flattery and bribes, getting what he wanted even though he came off as corrupted and weak-willed. Apollodorus had a way with words and knew how to use them, both in noble and less noble situations.


  • Historically and in modern times in some languages, "caesar" was used to refer to the emperor. However, Apollodorus' power is limited to that of a mayor's.
  • Apollodorus scratched his hands when he was troubled. [1]


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