Atnal Cemil
20180205 133527.png
Romanji Anatoru Jemiru
Vital statistics
Age 25 (Chapter 1)

27 (Chapter 100)

Birthplace Turkiye Stratocracy
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 157cm (5'2")
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Personal status
Status Active
Professional status
Nationality Turkish
Affiliation Turkiye Stratocracy,
Occupation Pasha

Ikinci Idare of the First Province

Base of Operations Turkiye Stratocracy
First appearance
Manga Chapter 78: The Imperial Prime Minister

Atnal Cemil (アナトル・ジェミル, Atnaru Jemiru) is a supporting character in Shoukoku no Altair.


Cemil has a pale complexion and blue eyes. He has a wide forehead and his dark blue hair has been parted in the middle. His hair has been styled in a unique way.


Cemil is a calm and rational type of person, thinking things through before he acts. He shows a very serious persona and loyalty towards Zağanos. While he seems calm and generally emotionless for the majority of the time, he gets annoyed when İlkay complains about their mission. He's smart and his pride doesn't get in the way of faking his own fall[1]


Cemil shows an incredible talent for measuring numbers by eye during war. This includes numbers of men and distance, etc. He also shows a good understanding for war tactics and is able to remain calm in most situations.

Major Battles

The Battle at Murs



  1. Fasul 96: The New Aristocracy Attacks
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