Ballista is a cutting-edge light siege equipment, utilized by the Balt-Rhein Imperial known as the "Military Engineers" of 13th Battalion.

The Imperial Army 13th "Military Engineers" Battalion with their Ballista equipment.


Not much is known about their different sizes however, in the possession by the Imperial Army 13th "Military Engineers" Battalion. Due to its manageable size the Ballista, was considered lightest of all siege equipments as it makes transportation and construction much easier.

Other than being used in siege warfare. The Ballistae main purpose was to flay the battleground foundations and counter moving targets such as Turkiye's cavalry with the use of Grenades.




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  • The Balt-Rhein's Ballista refers to the real-life siege weapon used by Greeks and then by the Romans. [1]
    • Although the Ballista version that Balt-Rhein Standing Army uses was more lightweight.


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