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Balt-Rhein flag in anime

The Baltic and Rhein Empire, or Balt-Rhein is one of the countries in Shoukoku no Altair universe. It is Turkiye's main enemy. It's loosely based on real-life Holy Roman Empire. The empire's current ruler is Emperor Goldbalt XI.

Location Edit

Opposed to Turkiye, Baltrhein Empire is located at the western side of the region. It shares a border with various city states at the southern border, Turkiye Stratocracy at the eastern parts, and Kindgom of Urado at the northern parts.

History Edit


Capital City of Baltrhein Empire.

Balt Rhein imparatorluğunun arması

Administration Edit

Baltrhein Empire's territory is largely divided into two parts: the 'original' part of the Kingdom of Gol and the territories that it got after its expansions.

Military Edit

Because of its large land mass and the big sum of citizens, Baltrhein Empire's military relies heavily on their standing army of troops that has a large number of military personnel, with a few of commanding officers in charge.

The Hermann Knights served as their cavalry force and the Standing Army serving as their bulk force.

Notable MembersEdit

Trivia Edit

  • The continuously antagonistic relationship between Baltrhein Empire and Turkiye Stratocracy might be loosely inspired by the real-life relationship of the Holy Roman Empire with the Ottoman Empire, that got renowned as the two competing main powers of the region before the rise of western european kingdoms. The big difference that separates the two is the motives behind the conflict: while the real-life conflicts mainly revolves around the competition between religions (Ottoman as an Islamic empire and HRE as the leader of Christendom), the conflict in Altair universe revolves largely on the matters of national interest, as the role of religion in the universe is incredibly minor, just acting as a background that is just mentioned occasionally.
  • There is strong resemblances towards Balt-Rhein's capital city St.Micheal to real-life Le Mont Saint-Michel.
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