Balta Stratocray is one of the core members of Greater Turkiye.


Balta flag in anime version.

Location Edit

Balta Stratocracy is covered by four country.They southern area is Turkiye Stratocracy,eastern area is Cuore Di Rumeriana,northern are is Mizrak Stratocracy and western area is Bıçak Statocracy.

History Edit

Balta Stratocracy was founded 76 years ago like other stratocracys by the nomatic horse riders.

Ova Şehri 2

Capital city of Balta Stratocracy Ova

Administration Edit

Balta Stratocracy's only known city is capital city Ova.


Balta Stratocracy's army is not very strong.They have likely Yeniçeri soldier units.

Notable MembersEdit

Sultan Nülüfer Fatma

Vezir i Azam Armut Ayşe

Sultan Kemal


  • Balta means "Axe" in Turkish.
  • Capital city of Balta Stratocracy Ova means ''grassy plain'' in turkish
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