Brigitta Grimaldi
Brigitta Grimaldi 6
Romanji Burijitta Gurimarudi
Vital statistics
Date of Birth February 17
Age 16 years old (Chapter 1), 18 (Chapter 100)
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Height 141cm (4′7″)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Golden-Brown
Personal status
Status Active
Professional status
Affiliation Cuore Alliance
Lince Mercenaries
Occupation Leader of the Lince Mercenaries
First appearance
Manga Chapter 73 - The New World Under Strain
Anime Episode 22
Voice Actor Aoi Yuuki

Brigitta Grimaldi (ブリジッタ・グリマルディ,  Burijitta Gurimarudi) is the leader of the Lince Mercenaries, who are hired by the Cuore Alliance to defend Espada's castle gate while Espada's main force fought the Balt-Rhein army at Murmullo Basin.


Brigtta is a young girl who hasn't physically fully developed into a woman yet because of her young age. She still has what some would refer to as a "baby face", a round, youthul one and she has brown eyes. Her eyelashes are thick and she has thin eyebrows. Brigitta's hair is brown and thick, she has styled it in two twintails secured with two green-and-yellow patterened headbands. She wears a frilly, pink dress and her ears have been pierced. Around her neck, she wears a bell attached to a string.


Brigitta is a tough young girl with a sharp tongue, as expected of a leader of a talented group of trusted mercenaries. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid of saying rude things to others. Brigitta considers the Turks to be savages but isn't against working with them for the sake of the greater good. If you do things that benefit her, she will like you very much. Brigitta is very focused on receving money in her pocket, which is to be expected from a woman of her profession.


In spite of her unusual gender and young age when compared to other big figures in the mercenary world, she has been shown capable of leading her underlings from Lince Mercenary without any apparent problems. While she is strong, she in fact inherited leadership over the Lince Mercenaries from her father rather than because of her own abilities.

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