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Cassandra and Carvajal are seemingly close and she appears to mean a lot to him. During his last moments, her words truly touched him, appearing as if her words helped him feel more at peace with his situation. Cassandra addresses him formally as "Director Carvajal", while he casually refers to her by her name.

She is often seen by his side and it appears as if Carvajal respects her. Cassandra was seen grieving him very much after his death but she was also seen wearing a sad expression when Carvajal expressed that the Turkish soldiers and mercenaries from El Toro would probably be happy, even if they died.


Carvajal voiced that he considers him very dependable. Throughout the conflict in Chielo, Carvajal hints at that he harbours a lot of trust and respect for Mahmut Pasha. However, they have far from an intimate relationship, as despite Mahmut's visible terror when the soldiers are burned alive, neither of them comment on the brutality. Carvajal also apologises to Mahmut when their plan wasn't as successful as originally intended, to which Mahmut replies that he hopes his courage will inspire the members of the Anti-Imperial Alliance.


The two have a more playful relationship. Erbach wants Carvajal to accept the help of the mercenaries from El Toro, an idea he continues to reject. When Carvajal says that with their strategy, they will be able to end the war, Erbach once again proposes that he accepts their mercenaries. Carvajal however, winks at him and comments that he will grant any wish of Erbach's, except for that one.