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Alias Kâhya Başi
Vital statistics
Date of Birth 28th of December
Age 25
Birthplace Republic of Chielo
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Height 169cm
Hair Color Black
Personal status
Status Active
Professional status
Nationality Chielo
Affiliation Republic of Chielo
Occupation Secretary of the Director of Chielo (former), Kâhya Başi of Chielo Province
Base of Operations Republic of Chielo
First appearance
Manga Chapter 60
Anime Episode 19
Voice Actor Shizuka Itou

Cassandra is a supporting character in Shoukoku no Altair. She was the Secretary of the director of Chielo but is now the current Kâhya Başi of the Chielo Province, reporting directly to Mahmut Pasha. Kâhya Başi is Turkish and roughly translates into Deputy Chief.


Cassandra is a pretty woman, although she rarely shows emotions with her expressions other than intense feelings. She hair fair skin and black, long hair gathered into a simple braid hanging down her back. Her bangs are parted in the middle and she has narrow eyes, as well as thick and long eyelashes. Cassandra gives off the impression that she carries herself with pride.

Her clothing consists of a simple dress with long sleeves and frills. On top of this, she wears a simple poncho with frills and a ribbon in a darker colour.


Cassandra makes the impression of a strong and elegant woman. She also appears to be very determined and a calm woman. Cassandra shows an understanding and acceptance of Mahmut's choice to strip them of their self-governing right, although that could be a result of her grief. Throughout the focus on what happens in Chielo, she gives off a professional and formal persona. She appears to be proud of the decisions that she has made and that they gave asylum to so many refugees, despite its devastating consequences.

While Chielo is clearly very dear to her and she strives after peace and happiness for the people of the world, it is hinted that she is not as passionate, or even obsessive, about it as director Carvajal. Rather, she shows a saddened expression when faced with the threat of war and people dying peacefully despite such times.



Cassandra's grandfather was granted asylum to live in Chielo, which she voiced when Carvajal was to be executed. According to her, he took his last breaths, grateful that he lived happily else in Chielo. Not much else is known about Cassandra, other than that she might have been a childhood friend of Carvajal.


Cassandra appears to be intelligent and quick thinking. She also appears to possess a great deal of knowledge on military strategies and seems to have a good understanding of how others think. While she doesn't show any physical abilities, Cassandra shows courage even when she has been beaten down by the angry citizens of Chielo.

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