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Alias Secretary of the Director
Vital statistics
Date of Birth 28th of December
Age 25
Birthplace Republic of Chielo
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Height 169cm
Hair Color Black
Personal status
Status Active
Professional status
Nationality Chielo
Affiliation Republic of Chielo
Occupation Secretary of the Director of Chielo (former)
Base of Operations Republic of Chielo
First appearance
Manga Chapter 60

Cassandra is first introduced as a character in fasul 60 "The Heavenly City", where she approaches Carvajal to let him know that the conference is about to start. She is then seen accompanying Carvajal, Mahmut and the others and helps the Director explain the concept of Chielo and their history to the visitors.

Upon arriving, Carvajal is informed of that 30,000 refugees who were rid of their food asking for asylum. When Cyrus and Abiriga in shock exclaim that they saw no refugees, Cassandra informs them of that while they entered through the Espada Gate, the refugees are waiting outside of the northwestern Sal Gate, which is on the opposite side of Chielo. Despite the burden of accepting 30,000 refugees, Carvajal accepts and Cassandra isn't seen commenting on the complex situation, most likely agreeing with Carvajal.

It is Cassandra that informs Carvajal and the others of that the imperial army left with a force of 70,000 men for Chielo. Having passed through Sal territory, they had a remaining force of 67,000 men and were to arrive in Chielo within three days. When Halil Pasha and his troops arrive, Cassandra suggests that he let's them show him the fortress and is visibly concerned when he declines her offer. Mahmut states that they will do as they always have done, which is setting up a camp in the grasslands and Cassandra appears to accept their reason.

After Chielo has managed to decrease the imperial forces by 10,000 men through their brutal weapon of the cage, the remaining soldiers are left to the Turkish troops. When Halil Pasha and his troops have been defeated and the imperial soldiers return with Halil Pasha's head attached to a spear, Cassandra is visibly horrified; covering her mouth with her hand. Whether this is because of Chielo's huge loss, the brutal end for Halil Pasha or both, is unknown.

A month later, Venedik has yet to arrive with supplies for Chielo and they are running out of wheat and medical supplies. This causes some of the men of Chielo to rebel against Carvajal and he is taken as a prisoner to be handed over to the empire.

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