Kara Kanat Süleyman ve Caterina 2
Vital statistics
Age 14

16(after timeskip)

Birthplace Tughril Village
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Personal status
Status Active
Professional status
Base of Operations Turkiye Stratocracy

Tughril Village Republic of Florance

First appearance
Anime Episode 4

Caterina is black golden eagle which is partner of Kara Kanat Süleyman who accompanies him throughout the journey.

Abilities Edit

Caterina is most probable strong and faster than Iskander because of the gender difference. The female Golden Eagles are roughly %20 bigger than their male counter parts. Capable of flying swiftly over 320km per hour to hunt her preys. In working conjunction with Süleyman, she performs basic aerial attack, distract or confuse the enemy while her partner delivers the decisive blow.

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