Caterina Di Rossi
Caterina di rossi 4
Romanji Katerīna de Rosshi
Alias Gonfaloniere
Vital statistics
Date of Birth 7 May
Age 31 year olds
33 years old (Chapter 100)
Birthplace Florence
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Height 179 cm
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Personal status
Status Active
Professional status
Nationality Florence
Affiliation The Rossi family

Republic of Florence Triparte Alliance

Occupation The Republic of Florence's Gonfaloniere
Base of Operations Republic of Florence
First appearance
Manga Fasul 51 - City of Flowers
Anime Episode 17: The Flower's Plan
Voice Actor Mamiko Noto

Caterina Di Rossi (カテリーナ・デ・ロッシ, Katerīna de Rosshi) is the current Gonfaloniere of the Republic of Florence, the one with highest authority. She has held the title for three consecutive years, having been elected each time.


She has a beautiful triangle-shaped face and red, plumb lips. Her eyes are narrow and blue and she has thin eyebrows, as well as thick eyelashes. Her black hair appears a bit curly judging from the sole locks that frame in her face and it has been parted in the middle. The rest of her hair has been styled in an intricate manner using white pearls. Caterina wears a dress fitting for her title as the Gonfaloniere.


She is strong and cool headed when facing problems and she doesn't allow her feelings to get in the way of her work. She also shows a mischievous personality from time to time, such as when she deliberately teased Mahmut because she wasn't interested in having negotiations at the time. Caterina also shares some of the anti-Turk mentality that one can find among the Cuore. Caterina is smart and cunning and isn't afraid of wasting time if she can use it to leave people hanging and confused. She's manipulative and unafraid of dealing with foreign matters. However, she's not a cold woman and isn't too proud to rethink a decision if it's for the sake of the greater good.


Caterina is smart and uses her body and words to get what she wants. She has a great understanding of politics and she is manipulative.


  • It's a known fact that Süleyman's eagle and Caterina share the same name but it has been confirmed to be a mere coincidence[1].
  • The name Caterina means pure [2].


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