Venedik bayrağı

Flag of Republic of Venedik

Republic of Venedik is one of the fictional countries in the Shoukoku no Altair universe. It is based on the real-life Republic of Venice. Its current Doge is Antonio Lucio.

Location Edit

The Republic of Vendik is located on a island surrounded by a cluster of small islands.
Venedik City-Top

Venedik nation.

Venedik City

Port of Venedik City.

Venedik City-Port A

Port of Venedik City (Anime).

History Edit

Driven out of their home at 500 years ago by the entrance of horsemen tribes, the Venetian migrated from the mainland Rumeliana to a small cluster of islands positioned at their east. Slowly, the population grew, and they started to build their civilization there.

Administration Edit

Venedik's territory is divided into five districts based on the gods they worship: Fire, Water, Earth, Golden, and Tree, with the respective gods' temples as the districts' center.

Government Edit

All the decision making process is done at Palazzo Ducale by the Consiglio (Council), with the Doge as the decision taker.

Military Edit

Because of its separation from mainland Rumeliana, Venedik focuses on maritime power, boasting one of the strongest Navy in the Rumeliana region. Because of its trade-based economy, Venedik puts its big merchants as military commanders because of their vast experiences in sailing. Other than that, Venedik also obligate their merchants to give reports regarding the situations in their trade zone through Castello (representative office) positioned in ports nearest from their current position. Later, the information gathered would be distributed to Venedik as consideration in its decision making policies.

Characters from VenedikEdit

  • Antonio Lucio: The Doge of Venedik
  • Silvestro Brega: The Capitano Generale, the leader of Venedik's navy
  • Abiriga: Originally hailing from Salos, he was taken in by Brega after escaping from slave traders. He ends up joining Mahmut's group in order to observe him.


  • Venedik is in Turkish language's refer to in real history Venice 
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