Vital statistics
Age 36
Birthplace City State of Phoenicia
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Personal status
Status Deceased
Professional status
Nationality Phoenician
Affiliation City State of Phoenicia

Turkiye Stratocracy

Occupation Magistros
Base of Operations City State of Phoenicia
First appearance
Manga 12 Fasıl: The City by the Lighthouse
Anime Episode 5: The City of the Lighthouse

Constantinus is Phoenicia's last magistros, before it fell into Baltrhein's control.

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Considering his station as someone in charge of a country, Constantinus is rather naive and idealistic, earnestly believing in Phoenicia's past glory as the biggest empire in Rumeliana. This leads him to make rash decisions when the said glory is threatened, such as when he declared war on Baltrhein Empire.

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