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Cyrus γιός Apollodorus
1362536m xl
Alias The Lizard of the Black Alley
Vital statistics
Date of Birth 10 May
Age 17 years old(Chapter 1)

19 years old (Chapter 100)

Birthplace Phoenicia
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 168cm (5′6″)
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Black
Personal status
Status Active
Relatives Apollodorus (father)
Professional status
Nationality Phoenician
Affiliation Phoenicia
Turkiye Stratocracy
Triparte Alliance
Occupation Phoenicia's Kulak
Mahmut's Aide
Base of Operations Phoenicia
Turkiye Stratocracy
Baltrhein Empire
First appearance
Anime Episode 5: The City of the Lighthouse
Voice Actor KENN

Cyrus gios Apollodorus (Kyurosu, キュロス) is a supporting character, the Kulak from Phoenicia, and Mahmut's ally.



The Fall of PhoeniciaEdit

Venedik's PloyEdit

Civil War in Greater TürkiyeEdit

Pulling Strings from ArgyrosEdit

Urado's New HopeEdit

Approaching World WarEdit

Florence's DistrustEdit

Mock Battle in El ToroEdit

Disintegrating ParadiseEdit

Invading the EmpireEdit

The Second Battle of PhoeniciaEdit

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