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Alias Tauro City's Twin Horns (with Derecho)
Vital statistics
Date of Birth 4th of May
Age 55 (Chapter 1)

57 (Chapter 100)

Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 209cm (6'10")
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color White
Personal status
Status Active
Relatives Derecho (twin brother)
Professional status
Nationality El Toro
Affiliation El Toro
Occupation Mayor of Tauro City

Devriye Iki Binbaşi Chielo Province

Base of Operations Tauro City
First appearance
Manga Chapter 55: The Mercenaries of Tauro
Anime Episode 18: Wishing on Stars
Voice Actor Tsuyoshi Koyama

Esquerdo is a supporting character of Shoukoku no Altair and the mayor of Tauro City together with his twin brother Derecho.


As expected of a mayor of Tauro City, Esquerdo wears extravagant clothing. His attire consists of a large, blue hat with a feather attached to it and a blue shirt with big, puffy sleeves with a striped pattern on the right side and a more complicated design on the left. Esquerdo also sports metallic pants and he wears yellow pearls that have been wrapped around his right arm and he also wears a pearl necklace. In more recent chapters, Esquerdo is seen wearing a turban on top of his hat, most likely to symbolise his new title. His entire attire has also changed.

Esquerdo has fair skin and big eyes, that stand out a lot from his remaining facial features. He has a small moustache and a large beard that is wavy and parted in the middle, reaching all the way down to his hips. His ears are pointy and he has long white hair. Most likely injuries caused in battle, Esquerdo has amputated his arms from the elbow and down.


He and his brother have proven to enjoy testing people, to see whether they are worth their time or not. Esquerdo and Derecho are very similar, to the point that their injuries and differing clothing is what helps one tell the two twins apart. Being mercenaries, the two seem to enjoy battle a lot and have a lot of confidence in their own skills. However, not to the point where they are arrogant and do acknowledge the fact that they still have things to learn, even from such young people as Mahmut.

Esquerdo and his brother never back down on their words and won't make a promise if it can't be kept. However, he differs a lot from his brother in one way. While Derecho aalyses things on a more future-based and international scale, Esquerdo prefers to only consider things on a more local level and seems to accept the consequences of international affairs. Making Derecho the more mature and serious brother and Esquerdo the free-spirited and casual one.


While nothing has been shown of the twin brothers' past, we do know that they at some point lost some of their limbs, most likely in battle. They also became the mayors but whether this happened before losing their limbs or after, we can only guess.


Esquerdo has proven to be very strong and he has fast reflexes, as expected of a mercenary. He's flexible and moves fast, having very strong kicks which he uses against Mahmut[1]. Esquerdo can also ride a horse and he's skilled at wielding standard El Toro weapons.

Major BattlesEdit

Game of Wars: The Siege of the city of Tauro.

The Battle Against the Imperial Army at Murmullo Basin.


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