Hermann Knights
Hermann şovalyeleri
General Info
Status Active
Role Heavy Lancer Cavalry
Size Large
Base of Operations Balt-Rhein Empire
Known Commanders Goldbalt XI

Lelederik of Ellvaldez

Manga Fasul 90 - The Walled City

Hermann are used by the Balt-Rhein Empire as their main heavy cavalry force. Having sense of nobility (Noble person) who have land and people.The Hermann Knights and The Standing Army are the twin sword of The Balt-Rhein Empire


These knights are heavily covered from head to toe with armor. Typically a mail-chain is worn before covered with full armored platings and helmet. As a cavalry they are expected to be armed with cavalry spear and metal shield due to this their horses are much bigger and stronger compared to equestrian counterparts, trading speed for fire-power. In addition their horses is also covered with armor.

Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Skillful with weapons their durable armor and shield allows them to withstand staggering attacks from heavy rains of arrow. Chrushing their enemies with brute yet efficient method of attack known as "Trampelt".



  • Hermann is a word meaning ''warrior'' in the native Balt language.
  • In reality they are Elite Knight and Noble Knight just like middle age Europe.
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