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Kilic Orhan is the timid yet kind prince of the Kilic Stratocracy. After the civil war, he takes on his position as the third generation Sultan and vows to become a man worthy of his fiancée, Armut Ayse.


Orhan is of average height; reaching 170cm and he has a slender build. He is of a lighter complexion and has an oval-shaped face and rounded chin. His white hair has been cut under his eyes and he has quite long bangs that reach below his dark, silver eyes. His eyebrows are on the thicker side and he's usually seen with a smile or a flustered expression. Orhan sports a a dark green, high-collared shirt with a lighter green lining. On top of it, he wears a long-sleeved, green waistcoat with drapes attached to it. His attire also consists of high-waist, beige harem pants that he has tied around the waist and at the knees with a yellow piece of fabric. Underneath, he wears black tights and he completes the look with a pair of green sandals.


Unlike most of people born in his pedigree, Orhan is what one would call as unsuitable for his post: his naturally soft heart is not protected with enough defenses, making him seem meek and compliant compliant to other people, especially to the ones important to him like Ayse. However, this also means that he is incredibly loyal to those people, and he is willing to take drastic measures for the sake of those people. Some would refer to him as a coward due to his gentle and careful nature but it has been proven that Orhan is quite brave when he needs to be. He is a cheerful man that cares deeply for his loved ones. While he appears to be sometimes, he is no push-over and will fight back if need be.



Major Battles

Civil War

  • Battle at the Unusual Rock Formation



Kılıç means ''sword'' in Turkish.