Kılıç Stratocray is one of the core members of Greater Turkiye.


Kilic flag

Location Edit

Kılıç Stratocracy is only country in Greater Turkiye which does not share a border with Turkiye Stratocracy.Located in the west of Mızrak Stratocracy and south of Kingdom of Urado. The Kılıç Stratocracy also borders southern to Bıçak Stratocracy and their west border to Balt-Rhein Empire. Their border and Balt-Rhein Empire was cut from Ayna Mountains. Kılıç Stratocracy's location is positioned on a rough rocky landscape.

History Edit

Kılıç Stratocracy was founded 76 years ago like other Stratocracy nations by the Nomadic horsemen.

Administration Edit

The only known city was mentioned was their capital Acayip.

Acayip şehri dışarıdan 2

Capital city of Kılıç Stratocracy Acayip


Kılıç army is not very strong to other Stratocarys but their soldier uniform is different but most likely they has other stratocracys units.

Compared to other Stratocracy nations. Kılıç does not have a superior army quality unlike Mizrak's Yeniçeri, thus along with Turkiye they both have different infantry equipments.

Acayip şehri dışarıdan

Notable MembersEdit


  • Kılıç means ''Sword'' in turkish.
  • Capital of Kılıç Stratocracy Acayip means ''weird'' in Turkish.
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