Kurt Kurt
Kurt kurt paşa 21.png
Romanji Kuruto
Alias Wolf Wolf
Vital statistics
Date of Birth 17 May
Age 36
Birthplace Turkiye Stratocracy
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 180cm
Eye Color Dark Blue
Hair Color Black
Personal status
Status Alive
Professional status
Nationality Turkiye Stratocracy
Affiliation Turkiye Stratocracy

Triparte Alliance

Occupation Pasha

Commander of 8th Eyalet Army(former) Ikinci Idare of Chielo Province

Base of Operations Turkiye Stratocracy
First appearance
Manga Shoukoku no Altair 63 - The Beast Tamer
Anime Episode 20
Voice Actor Kimura Subaru

Kurt Kurt is one of active serving Pasha in Turkiye Stratocracy, previously working under Sehir Halil Pasha now he works alongside with Tughril Mahmut Pasha.

As from chapter 77 of the manga, he is officially Chielo's Ikinci Idare.



Kurt Kurt's appearance wise has long black hair that falls down right pass his shoulder. He is also if not a very structured-fit masculine body, as evidence during their time spending in Turkish bath at renovated Chielo.

For outfit he wears a Turkish Sipahi Style Mirror Armor embroider similarly of that from a white kaftan, his head is covered by a white turban. Additionally at all times he has his iconic white wolf skin hanging on left shoulder at all times.


He has strong sense of justice with a warrior spirit. Taking note that he carries or so takes pride with courage and valour also respects his comrade-in-arms. Like all warriors his means of an end Kurt preferred an honourable death, this includes the enemy who happens to share the same honourable death mindset.


As a Turkiye Stratocracy's Pasha he is very talented horse rider riding with ease. In combat he proves to be an experienced swordsmanship and horse archery. Also is a skillful tactician despite his savage appearance.




  • Kurt means ''wolf''' in Turkish.
  • Kurt is his name and other kurt is most probable his title so he is wearing a wolf skin.
  • Two times he is shown to be capable of howling like wolves, hence his title.
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