Prenses Margit 5
Romanji Marugitto
Alias Princess of Urado
Vital statistics
Date of Birth 24th of February
Age 20 (Chapter 1)

22 (Chapter 100)

Birthplace Kingdom of Urado
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Height 165cm (5'4")
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Zsigmond III (Father)

Two unnamed older sisters Gertrude (Older sister)

Professional status
Nationality Urado
Affiliation Kingdom of Urado
Occupation Princess of Urado

Göz Kulak

Base of Operations Kingdom of Urado
First appearance
Manga Chapter 43: The Northern Kingdom
Anime Episode 15: The Northern Kingdom
Voice Actor Megumi Han

Margit (マルギット, Marugitto) is the fourth princess of Kingdom of Urado. She is also the Negotiation Minister in charge of negotiations with various eastern nations and she is also the kulak of Urado.


Personality Edit

She is a very cheerful and curious person, as shown several times. Margit is a gentle and kind person that shows a lot of interest in others and the rest of the world. While she appears to pride herself in her country's abilities, she has proven to be quite sad regarding some of its major flaws. Despite her gentle nature, she will speak up if she deems her opinion to be needed.


Trivia Edit

  • Her favourite food is slices of seal blubber meat eaten on dried fish[1].


  1. Fasul 101.5: Margit's and Niki's Favourite Food
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