Mizrak Stratocray is one of the core members of Greater Turkiye.


Mizrak Stratocracy's State Flag: The Spear(Manga)


Flag in Anime

Location Edit

Mizrak is located on the Eastern region of Rumeliana sharing its borders along with Turkiye Stratocracy, Balta Stratocracy and Buchak Stratocracy. Şark is the name of Mizrak Stratocracy's capital city. Unlike Turkiye's capital city Altin Mizrak's landscape encompasses fields of grassy vegetations with river streams leading in and out of Şark.

History Edit

Administration Edit

Like all other Stratocracy members, Mizrak shares the same administration and ranking system. However only difference is that Mizrak is ruled by a Sultan thus expelling Buyuk Pasha and other rankings.


Unlike all other Stratocracy Mizrak has one of the most strongest military force available notable predominately all of their military strength comes from Yeniçeri who formed the backbone as Standing Army of Foot and Cavalry.

Noteable MembersEdit


  • Mizrak means "Spear" in Turkish.
  • Capital city of Mızrak Stratocracy Şark means ''East'' in turkish.
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