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Flag of republic of Chielo

The Republic of Chielo was a country ruled by director Carvajal. Since fasul 76, control of the Republic of Chielo was assigned to the Türkiye Stratocracy and it has become a province of Türkiye.


Chielo land is in Sud Rumeriana where from between Balt-Rhein and Cuore Di Rumeriana.City of Chielo is between Republic of Espada and Republic of Sal.Espada is eastern side and Sal is western side.and in Chielo's north side there are exist the Espada and Republic of Seallant.The Centro Sea is souhtern side of City of Chielo.


It's mentioned in fasul 60 that Chielo was founded about 1,200 years ago after the downfall of the Phoenicia Empire and had in its long history not been invaded even once. People running from tyranny were said to have travelled to the mountaintop, where a facility had been built and from there established a community. The country was once an institution for the poor and the title of director was given to the ruler. It was mentioned by Carvajal in fasul 60 that Chielo started out as a simple welfare facility, giving food and shelter to the impoverished and providing the ill with medical treatment.


The Republic of Chielo was ruled by a director and was to function as a paradise for the poor and sick. They did this for free, Carvajal mentioned it was only possible due to an established system in the far south of Rumeliana, that had a culture of "Caridad", which is Spanish for "charity". The rich of Chielo were encouraged to donate money to the poor or public works such as hospitals or schools. The amount of money that the rich were to donate was based on how wealthy they were. In exchange for their acts of charity, they were rewarded with supreme honours. As a result of this, not only noble families of the Phoenician Empire era were those to p erform acts of "caridad", rather merchants and parvenus also 
Carvajal and Cassandra on Chielo
participated in "caridad". This, along with their simple lifestyle, a good harbour and hot climate made their generous lifestyle possible.


Their military consisted of mercenaries from Midland and Carvajal stressed the fact that he would not use mercenaries from Tauros. He voiced that the reason behind this was because fights could easily happen between neighbouring countries and so, to avoid standing without a big army, he only accepted mercenaries from Midland.

People from ChieloEdit

Carvajal: He was the Director of Chielo.

Cassandra: She was the Secretary of the Director.

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