Republic of L'isolani is one of the fictional countries in Shoukoku no Altair universe. It is based on the real-life Republic of Genoa. Donatello Doria is L'isolani's current Doge. Their relation with City State of Venedik can be seen as rivals, wanting to take total control of Centro Sea.

L'isolani bayrağı

Flag of Repubblic of L'isolani

Location Edit

L'isolani lies in the West of Centro sea.

History Edit

Administration Edit

The Republic of L'isolani has only one capital city. Compared to Venedik, L'isolani are somewhat lacking in some policies. An example of this is no guarantee of recovering losses such as being successful or failure in merchant business, allowing merchants to 'steal' from their customers if chance was given regardless if it's a scam.

L'isolani şehri

City of L'isolani

Military Edit

Coming into par with Venedik's navy armada, Lisolani boast a strong navy fleet within the Centro Seas. Even merchants are capable of hiring foreign country soldiers or bodyguards as long they are paid.




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