Mimar ZekiEdit

The two are on friendly terms and seem to have known each other for a long time. Nurzan occasionally teases him, to which Zeki often reacts aggressively, although it is clear that he is used to it. The two were allies of Halil Pasha, indicating that they shared the same believes as him. The two have both been stationed in Chielo and work together there but Nurzan then is to accompany Mahmut and the Chielo Army to pursue the Sud Army. When Zeki and he are reunited again after they have defeated the Sud Army, he is happy to see him.

When Nurzan voices worry over heading to meet the much larger Sud Army, he tells Zeki to shed a tear for him. When Zeki tells him that he will hunt for his killer and bury them alive, Nurzan tells him that he can tell when he's being dishonest with a saddened expression[1].

Tughril MahmutEdit

It's unclear what Nuzran thinks of him but it appears as if the two are on good terms, if not even friends. The two seem to get along together well and Nurzan appears to have a lot of faith in Mahmut. He saved his and Kurt's lives when they battled with the Sud Army and while it could've been for the sake of Türkiye, it indicates that he cares enough for Mahmut to put his own life on the line.


Nurzan is both fascinated and intimidated by Abiriga's skills, as he was in shock when he managed to jump from his own horse to another one like usually only Turks are able to do. He therefore makes a mental note to not make an enemy out of Venedik.

He also appears to hold a lot of respect for Abiriga, as he allowed him to move from his Şanslar Askeri to protect Mahmut instead.


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