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Şanslar Nurzan
Şanslar Nurzan
Alias Ikinci Idare of the Chielo Province
Vital statistics
Date of Birth 10th of October
Age 23 (Chapter 1)

25 (Chapter 100)

Birthplace Turkiye Stratocracy
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 173cm (5'8")
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Pink
Personal status
Status Active
Professional status
Nationality Turkish
Affiliation Turkiye Stratocracy
Occupation Pasha

Ikinci Idare of Chielo

Base of Operations Turkiye Stratocracy
First appearance
Manga Chapter 77: Steward of a Province
Anime Episode 24
Voice Actor Tsubasa Yonaga

 Şanslar Nurzan Pasha is a supporting character of Shoukoku no Altair. Shortly after he was introduced, he was promoted to be one of the Ikinci Idare of Mahmut and was rewarded with 2,000 soldiers under his command.


Nurzan has feminine features and a youthful appearance. He has a light complexion and long and seemingly thick, pink locks that he styles in a side ponytail with golden rings and his bangs are pulled away from his face in a similar fashion. Nurzan has thin eyebrows and fairly big, pink eyes.

His attire consists of an undergarment in pink with a patterned blue brim and on top of it, a v-necked pink dress with slits on the side. Around his waist, he has messily wrapped blue bandeus. He also sports pink robes with an intricate white pattern.


Nurzan makes the impression of being a casual and light-hearted person. He is usually seen smiling and appears to be an optimistic type of person. Nurzan also seems to enjoy teasing people in an affectionate manner. When he voices worry over confronting the Sud Army, he quickly cheers himself up and then adds that he will go take a nap before they leave. It could possible be a way for him to cope with his nerves. 

He is clearly proud of his heritage, as he proudly speaks of Türkiye's equestrian skills when Abiriga comments on it.[1] In spite of his calm and gentle nature, Nurzan is no push-over and is capable of hurting others to protect what is dear to him. He is visibly angry when Abiriga is hurt by Adam and when Mahmut and Kurt are in danger, which results in him quickly taking action.  


Nothing has been shown of Nurzan's past yet.


He makes the impression of being an intelligent individual. Nurzan has proven to have great judgement, even saving the lives of Mahmut, Kurt and their troops with his quick thinking. He is brace and confident and has proven to be a man of action, that he won't flee when faced with the threat of danger.

Major BattlesEdit

The Battle Against the Sud Army

Türkiye's Invasion of the Empire


  • Nurzan is jealous of the kulaks because they know the "best continental gossip"[2].


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