Şapka Ibrahim
Ibrahim char.jpg
Alias Hat
Vital statistics
Date of Birth 20 November
Age 24
Birthplace Turkiye Stratocracy
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Eye Color Golden
Hair Color Black
Personal status
Status Active
Relatives Ibrahim's Wife

Ibrahim's Sons (twins)

Professional status
Nationality Turkiye Stratocracy
Affiliation Turkiye Stratocracy
Occupation Governor of Hisar
Base of Operations Hisar City, Turkiye Stratocracy
First appearance
Manga Chapter 2: The Poison General
Anime Episode 1: The Golden Eagle General

Şapka Ibrahim is the governor of Turkiye's City of Hisar, which is a part of Zaganos' first province. He is also a long time friend of Mahmut.



Contrasting with Mahmut's serious upbringing, Ibrahim is a man with relaxed and lively attitude. Despite that, he, like Mahmut, is quite stubborn and earnest about the things they believe in, and he really cherishes people around him. However, his good heart also becomes a downside when it comes to his job as an authority figure, he acts mainly on feelings, causing him to sometimes act rashly.






Şapka means ''hat'' in Turkish.

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