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Siegfried Kaufmann
Alias Count of Cave
Vital statistics
Date of Birth March 14th
Age 23 (Chapter 1)

25 (Chapter 99)

Birthplace Balt-Rhein Empire
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 194cm (6′4″)
Hair Color Black
Personal status
Status Active
Professional status
Nationality Balt-Rhein Empire
Affiliation Balt-Rhein Empire, Hermann Knights (formerly), Turkiye Stratocracy
Occupation Count of Cave

Herrmann Knight

Base of Operations Balt-Rhein Empire
First appearance
Manga Chapter 90: The Walled City

Siegfried Kaufmann is a supporting character in Shoukoku no Altair and prior to Türkiye's invasion, he was loyal to the empire. He rules the city of Cave as its count and he is the head of the Black Knights of the Kaufmann House.


Siegfried is a tall man with thick eyebrows and sharp facial features. His skin is of a lighter complexion and he is of a slender build, though reaching an impressive 194cm. His dark hair is in the colour of brown and it has been cut short, barely reaching his shoulders. Siegfried has fairly big eyes in the colour of yellow and he has thin eyelashes. As the head of the Black Knights, he wears complicated black armour and a cape, befitting of his title. When in battle, he wears a black helmet.

Personality Edit

Siegfried is a realist to the core and whether this trait of his is good or bad could be debated. He is able to objectively view situations, regardless of his own position and will evaluate the possibility of success on each side. In order to pursue his own goals, he is unafraid of betraying those close to him. This quality of his can be seen when he betrays both his friend Jacques Jourdain and his motherland for the highest chance of his own survival. Rather than allowing himself to be swayed by emotions and sentiments, he will always keep the greater good in mind. This personality is dominated by his long-term goals and when the empire's strategy to use the Hermann as scapegoats for Türkiye fails, he believes that Balt-Rhein is no longer worthy of his loyalty. He can also be very callous, cruelly mocking Jacques as he murdered him.

However, despite the fact that he betrayed Balt-Rhein to join forces with Zaganos Pasha and stabbed his friend in the back, Siegfried has a very firm image of what a true Hermann of his position should be like.


Siegfried is the head of the Black Knights of the Hermann, which is a symbol of his great leadership abilities. The Black Knights of his house, house Kaufmann, are said to be the finest Hermann. Outside of Mur when they charged for Türkiye, Siegfried demonstrated good strategic thinking as he and his troops overwhelmed Türkiye, if only for a short while.

Major BattlesEdit

The Battle Outside of the Mur



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