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Simon Blanchard
Simon Blanchard
Romanji Shimon Buranshaaru
Alias Minister Blanchard
Vital statistics
Date of Birth 6th of June
Age 27 (Chapter 1)

29 (Chapter 81)

Birthplace Balt-Rhein Empire
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 169cm
Personal status
Status Active
Professional status
Nationality Balt-Rhein Empire
Affiliation Balt-Rhein Empire
Occupation Minister of Finance
Base of Operations Balt-Rhein Empire
First appearance
Manga Chapter 78: The Imperial Prime Minister

Simon Blanchard (Shimon Buranshaaru, シモン・ブランシャール) is the Minister of Finance of the Balt-Rhein Empire and a supporting character of Shoukoku no Altair.


Simon is a man of short stature with light, curly hair that reaches below his shoulders and hangs loosely down his back. His face looks quite young and pretty and he has a rounded chin. Simon's eyes are fairly narrow and he wears a poncho with a high neck. His remaining attire consists of a White blouse with frills, along with a darker jacket on top with long, open sleeves and he has a piece of fabric diagonally across his chest. The pants he wears are a little poofy and his shoes are thigh-highs.


Simon appears to be a very confident person unafraid of asking, even demanding, the things that he wants. He seems to be a bit manipulative at times and make the impression of that he is a very direct person not tip-toeing around things, having a blunt persona. He also seems to be quite the casual person and appears to be very calm and collected for most part. It appears that Simon usually has quite the good grasp of the situation at hand.

He appears to be very proud of the empire and is confident in their victory. However, he doesn't seem to approve of hurting the empire for the sake of victory, as he seems to be pulling an uneasy face everyone once in a while. When things turn around for the empire, Simon is visibly scared and worried about the situation.


The past of Simon has yet to be shown at this point in the story.


While no actual physical abilities have been shown yet, Simon shows great intelligence and understanding of situations. It appears as if he understands politics quite well, as expected of a Minister of the Balt-Rhein Empire, and seems to be capable of predicting future occurrences to a certain degree.

Major BattlesEdit

Simon doesn't personally participate in any battles but is watching by Virgilio Louis' side as Türkiye invades the empire.


  • He once voiced that he has always wanted to lead a great army.[1]


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