Sipahi 3
General Info
Status Active
Role Heavy Lancer and Melee Cavalry
Size Large
Affiliation Turkiye Stratocracy

Triparte Alliance (As of joint military)

Base of Operations Turkiye Stratocracy
Known Commanders Buyuk

Sehir Halil
Zehir Zaganos
Tughril Mahmut
Mimar Zeki
Kurt Kurt
Sanslar Nurzan
Atnal Cemil
Deve İlkay

Manga Fasul 02 - The Poison General

See also Sipahi

Sipahi is mainly use a military group from Turkiye Stratocracy as a heavy cavalry.


The Sipahi heavy armed like Hermann Knights.They wear chain armor and wear mirror armor[1] on top and they have a helmet on head.Also They horses wear robe and helmet.They are armed with spear and sword and wear to back shied.

Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Their main duty is to charge through the enemy ranks with their spears, in conjunction with the Akıncı's hit and run tactics to weaken their numbers or guard. They can also use their Yataghan swords if needed.

Secondly their duty is to protect Akıncıs from being targeted by other enemy cavalry. While their light counterparts goes for composite bow attacks to prevent them from gaining any counter attack.



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