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This template is a slider used on the main page.


This template uses {{Slider generator}} and the following resources:

Slide template Preview image Background image
{{Slider/Slide 1}} - -
{{Slider/Slide 2}} File:Slide 2 preview.png File:Slide 2 background.png
{{Slider/Slide 3}} File:Slide 3 preview.png File:Slide 3 background.png
{{Slider/Slide 4}} File:Slide 4 preview.png File:Slide 4 background.png
{{Slider/Slide 5}} File:Slide 5 preview.png File:Slide 5 background.png
{{Slider/Slide 6}} File:Slide 6 preview.png File:Slide 6 background.png

The "preview images" are the ones used on {{Slider/Slide 1}} while the "background images" are the ones used as background on each slide when selected. The images will fit in the available space, however to keep in mind the proportions "background images" are 856x450px while "preview images" are roughly 225x112px (except for File:Slide 2 preview.png which is big as a "background image" but with 225px "covered" from the right (update: these resolutions are not really correct since the dimensions depend on the screen breakpoints). The images are added through CSS, see the parameter id= on {{Slider generator}}. Note: to increase performance and reduce loading time, it's advised to use images in JPG format, rather then PNG like this example, or alternately to compress them using a tool like this one.


Type {{Slider}} where you want the slider to appear.

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