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Tesisat-Kapı Saruça
Romanji Teshisatu Kapu Saruja
Vital statistics
Date of Birth February 23rd
Age 29
Birthplace Turkiye Stratocracy
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 173cm (5'8″)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Personal status
Status Deceased
Professional status
Nationality Türkiye
Affiliation Greater Turkiye
Occupation Vizier

Idare of the 3th Province


Base of Operations Greater Turkiye
First appearance
Manga Chapter 22: The Read Tiger Sultan
Anime Episode 9: The Red Tiger Sultan
Voice Actor Shinji Kawada

Tesisat-Kapı Saruça (テシサトゥ・カプ・サルジャ, Teshisatu Kapu Saruja) is a supporting character in Shoukoku no Altair and was the idare (steward) of the 3th province. He is a supporter of the four sultanates and when sent to make them attend the wedding arranged to have the sultans assassinated; he informs Balaban of the plans and is executed on his orders.


Saruca is a man of average height and he has a rather youthful appearance, accentuated by some feminine facial features. He has a sharp chin and fair skin, as well as narrow blue eyes. Under his left one, he has a beauty mark and he has thin eyebrows. His hair is brown and cut a little below his ears. It curls a little at the tips and he sports a high-collared, black shirt underneath a long robe with a patterned lining. He also wears a pair of light, poofy pants and pointed boots detailed with a simple lined and circled lining. His attire also consists of a decorated turban.


Saruca est un homme plutôt idéaliste et naïf, qui croyait que les problèmes devaient être résolus par une simple discussion. Il semble aussi qu'il soit en froid avec Zaganos Pacha qui est tout l'inverse de sa personalité.       


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