Tristan Baret
Romanji Torisutan Bare
Vital statistics
Date of Birth December 9th
Age 36 (Chapter 1)

38 (Chapter 100)

Birthplace Balt-Rhein Empire
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 190cm (6'2")
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Black
Personal status
Status Active
Professional status
Nationality Balt-Rhein
Affiliation Balt-Rhein Empire

Röd Orm

Occupation Röd orm member

Commander of 13th battalion Leader of the engineering unit Lieutenant general

Base of Operations Balt-Rhein Empire
First appearance
Manga Chapter 63: The Beast Tamer
Anime Episode 20: Distant Funeral Bells
Voice Actor Ryū Yamaguchi

Tristan Baret (トリスタン・バレ, Torisutan Bare) is a supporting character in Shoukoku no Altair. He is a siege expert and a member of imperial prime minister Louis' Röd orm. He was recently promoted to Lieutenant General under Theo Androsch's command.


Tristan Baret has a simple appearance and he reaches an astonishing 190cm in height, which causes him to tower above most people. He has light skin and short, jet black hair that has been cut just under his ears. His bangs have been parted in the middle and they are quite long, as some reach his narrow, grey eyes. One can only see Tristan's right eye, as his left has been covered by the iconic eyepath of the Röd Orm. His face is oval-shaped and his chin is quite rounded, he also has very prominent cheek bones. Tristan sports a small beard and moustache. Despite his impressive height, he appears quite scrawny-looking compared to many of the others. Like the others of the imperial army, his attire consists of the usual black uniform with a high collar and long sleeves with intricate golden details. To complete the look, he wears a pair of black pants and boots.



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