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Tuğhril Clan is a clan in Turkiye Stratocracy once occupying the Tuğhril Village. They are a clan of great falconers taming birds of prey from the order of Accipitriformes.


They have blond hair and baby blue eyes.



The clan is a long line of expert Falconers. As the birds they handle cannot be "tamed" they use a special method. They exploit the bird's instinct in hunting preys. They use the bird of prey's vicious appetite to lure them in attacking the enemy.

A whistle is used to signal the attack. A falconer covers the enemy with the blood of an animal to lure them to attack. Once finished with the task, they must be fed.

Another signal is used to make them flee. This signal is the sound of a predator coming.

Fighting Prowess

It can be assumed that the members are also great combatants based on the members of the clan. With the skill in falconry, they also fight with weaponry.

Clan Members

Living Members

Dead Members

  • Mahmut's Mother
  • Süleyman's Family


Tughril is mythological bird like a Phoenix of prey in Hungarian[1] and Turkic[2] mythology.Also now symbol of Modern Hungary.


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