Lancer Regiment
Urado Lancer Regiment 4
General Info
Status Active
Role Lancer Cavalry
Affiliation Kingdom of Urado

Triparte Alliance (As of joint military)

Known Commanders Zsigmond III
Manga Fasul 44 - Craving of the King

Kingdom Urado's representative pride; the Lancer Regiment, acted as defensive troops during the Great Rumeliana War.



The Urado Lancer fairly armed with a Phoenician traditional spear and shield, they wear a scale armor[1] for protection against physical attacks such as slashes and arrows and wore Phrygian-like[2] helmet as head protection gear.

Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Like all other cavalry regiments their main role is to charge down against foot units crippiling their morale and quantities en masse. However unlike their western counterparts such as the Balt-Rhein Empire cavalry, historically the Lancer regiment is made up of two foundations: Warrior monks of Ancient Phoenician and Equestrian Cavalry.



In reality they are Huszar. Judging from the armor and weapons they use.


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