Hello there, gentlemen and gentleladies. I am the ace of bad puns, the epitome of concentrated sarcasm, the shivering lark hiding in the shadows, The Hanged Raven!!! ....*sigh* I'm bad at introductions. So uh...y'all can just call me Raven. Nice to meet you?

I work mostly on the design but I also despair on the lack of articles on this wikia. So I've made it my personal mission to help out as much as I can (if I'm not busy with my life, that is).


(Ha! As if a lonely loser like you has a life!)

Who said that!??

What I Love About Shoukoku no Altair

Definitely the chemistry between Tughril Mahmut and Zehir Zaganos. It's what got me interested in the manga in the first place.

Then there are the military strategies. I also love the artstyle.

I'm not a big fan of Studio MAPPA's production because it falls short on a lot aspects that make the manga the masterpiece it really is. (Like for example Mahmut's personality and his relationships with the other characters.) I've thought about doing an Anime vs. Manga thing on here....but who knows?

List of Important Templates

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