Vital statistics
Age 15
Birthplace Campana
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Personal status
Status Alive
Professional status
Affiliation Triparte Alliance
Occupation Craftsman
First appearance
Manga Shoukoku no Altair 59 - Boy from the City of Bells
Anime Episode 18
Voice Actor Kazutomi Yamamoto

Vasco is a craftsman that hailed from Campana, City of Bells. After witnessing his city's demise in Baltrhein Empire's hands, he vowed to get his revenge on it, by cooperating with Zehir Zaganos in producing super-gun sized Şark Yay.


Like Mahmut, Vasco also has somewhat lithe stature which is normal for a growing teenager. As befitting of a Southern Rumeliana people, his skin is one shade darker than the people from the middle and northern part of the region. He has somewhat short, wavy black hair, that he adorned with some kind of chain in the middle that functions like a loose bandanna. His daily outfit consist of a simple long-sleeved white shirt and tight black pants.


So far, he's shown as a boy that doesn't like to speak much, although by looking at his reactions to his caretaker's death, this could be caused by trauma brought upon by the war.


Even though he doesn't have much prowess physically, he has a really valuable ability in technical aspect, specifically in steel-forging since he worked at Campana's steel forgery before the city's destruction. At his tender age of 15, he already made a blue print of munition-powered battle cannons, a deadly revolutionary weapon just like Şark Yay is. He made use of this ability to make a weapon that could help him exact his revenge to Baltrhein Empire, with Zaganos as his main benefactor.


Plot Edit

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