Virgilio Louis
Virgilio Louis
Alias Prime Minister
Vital statistics
Date of Birth January 17th
Age 33 (Chapter 1), 35 (Chapter 100)
Birthplace Balt-Rhein Empire
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Height 190cm (6'2")
Eye Color Mint
Hair Color Greenish-Blonde
Personal status
Status Active
Professional status
Nationality Balt-Rhein Empire
Affiliation Balt-Rhein Empire

Röd Orm

Occupation Imperial Prime Minister
Base of Operations Balt-Rhein Empire
First appearance
Manga Chapter 1: The Golden Eagle General
Anime Episode 1: The Golden Eagle General
Voice Actor Kenjirou Tsuda

Virgilio Louis (ビルヒリオ・ルイ) is the current prime minister of the Balt-Rhein Empire, and also one of the main antagonists in Shoukoku no Altair.


Louis has thick and short greenish-blond hair that is shown to have quite a lot of volume. He has an oval-shaped face and a small beard in the same colour as his hair. His eyes are narrow and mint and he has thin eyebrows. Louis' nose is big and crooked.

His attire consists of tight, black pants, thigh-high brown boots and a high-necked, red and black striped shirt with long sleeves and poofy shoulders. On top of this, he wear an open dark green coat and a necklace. He also sports a pair of white gloves.


Louis is shown to be manipulative and doesn't care what happens to the empire as long as he wins. He's incredibly determined and confident in his own skills, usually showing nothing but certainty that he will come out the victor. Competitive and a little bit childish when things don't turn out the way he wants them to, Louis can end up in a bad mood and might ask to be praised[1]. While looking at everything as a game, he is still quite serious about succeeding. Sometimes, he can be a bit blunt and will anger others, which he doesn't care much about as long as he achieves his goal.

Louis is a smug and proud person that usually appears calm and collected, making the impression of that he constantly has a hold of the situation at hand.


Louis is a great strategist and very intelligent, which he has proven throughout the series. In fact, he stays up late working on his strategies and appears nearly obsessive about it. He is an expert cartographer as he makes and updates his maps of various nations and countries for conquest. However, he has yet to show any physical abilities.


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