Zehir Zaganos
Zehir Zaganos Closeup
Alias Poison General
Vital statistics
Age 26 years old
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Hair Color Purple
Personal status
Status Active
Professional status
Nationality Turkish
Affiliation Turkiye Stratocracy, Triparte Alliance
Occupation Pasha
Base of Operations Turkiye Stratocracy
First appearance
Manga Shoukoku no Altair, chapter 1

Zehir Zaganos is one of the vizier in Turkiye Stratocracy. He's known as the spearhead of hardliner pashas that wish for a war with Balthrein Empire.


Zaganos is a man with tall, yet slim stature. He has short, purple-coloured wavy hair that's not really well-combed most of the times, causing some stray strands to fall in front of his face. That, along with his slanted eye design and permanent frown on his face give him an air of uneasiness everytime he appears. Contrary to Mahmut, his choice of clothing mostly consists of long, flowing fabric with dark colours such as black (for the inner shirt) and dark purple (for the robe). Just like another turksmen, in formal occassions he wears a long, black turban with a peacock's feather embedded in front of it as a decoration.


He's generally an aloof man with little to no consideration for personal feelings, always striving for utmost perfection with logic in every situations. At the end of Hisar Rebellion arc, he voiced his incomprehension about Mahmut's reckless actions, which successfully solved the problems while his own well-thought plans failed to do so. Even so, in the future arcs he often make use of people's personal feelings (Mahmut's and Suleyman's in particular) to put his plans into motion.


He was a yukbashi (liutenant) 12 years from the main story line, aged 14 years old. At that time, he met a devastated Suleyman that wandered aimlessy around Turkiye after resigning from his post as Giovanni Orsini's falconer at Florence. Seeing Suleyman's despair because of losing his village, he said that he will become a pasha and 'give him what he wants', if he survived until 5 years later. Later, when he was 19 and had just appointed as a new pasha, he visited Suleyman and reminded him of his offer 5 years ago, which Suleyman accepted.



He's a shrewd individual. He's able to read people's motives through their display of emotion, which is vital in levering his political position in Divan. Other than that, he's also a recognized expert in Chemistry, proven by Mahmut's direct request to examine the sterko sample he obtained at Urado.



  • He's most likely based on a real pasha in Mehmed II's period: Zagan Pasha. Zagan Pasha is described as a tall and intelligent man, and said to be Ottoman's most cruel captain of his time.
  • His birthday is 14th of September, making him a Virgo.
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