Zsigmond III King of Urado
Sigmund III
Vital statistics
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Margit (Youngest Daughter)

Gertrude (Oldest Daughter)

2 Unnamed Daughters

Professional status
Nationality Urado
Affiliation Kingdom of Urado

Triparte Alliance

Occupation King of Urado
First appearance
Manga Fasul 43 - The Northern Kingdom


As a sovereign with absolute authority in his isolationist country, Zgismond is the kind of proud, honest leader that hates back-door deals and half-hearted promises, preferring to deal with any kind of perceived dishonesty with harsh measures.


Zsigmond has dark, thick and long hair which curls a bit, his hair is also parted in the middle and he has some facial hair in the form of a big moustache. His eyes are narrow and he sports a big and extravagant crown. Zsigmond wears a cloak with a high collar and gloves.




  • Zsigmond III has some similar characteristics with the real-life figure Vlad Tepes on several occasions.
  • Appearance-wise
  • How he executes death by (stake) impale.
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